project overview
Creative lead and art directed the UT Austin MFA Design show, Work For Progress. As part of the MFA degree, candidates are required to display their final thesis in a gallery show, however, the expectation to cram two years of research, iterations, and process, into a neatly packaged display felt disingenuous to the degree and design process. So instead we moved our studio into the gallery for the duration of the show. This allowed visitors to ask us questions while they interacted with our research and gain insight into the design process. You can visit our website (an editable google doc) at or check out our instagram page at
Exhibit and environment design
Design and layout all graphics for the exhibit
Illustrate and paint aspects of the exhibit
Build and install exhibit interactives
Created while at The University of Texas, 2019. Some photos courtesy of Sandy Carson and Lawrence Peart
animated gif for Work For Progress
"Work For Progress" changeable sign
A visitor playing with the sign.
Close up of my biography. I illustrated and painted the portraits.
Overview of the biography wall.
Introductory signage about the studio space gallery.
Closeup of my wall, "Objectifying Art"
Image showing my desk and wall
Visitor interacting with my wall, "Objectifying Art"
View of my desk and fellow student's desk
Some funny and surprising moments in the gallery.
Sign which was viewable from outside, advertising "free cheese!"
Wayfinding graphic which led to the "free cheese!"
Visitors eating the cheese
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